Can You Get Free Opossum Removal?

There are a few rare occasions when you might be able to make use of ‘free' opossum removal, although, if you are the average homeowner who has accidentally left their garbage outside the black door for a few days, you're probably not going to fall into that box. 

Wildlife removal technicians or operators, for example, do not usually remove animals for free, or clean up after them/repair damage. They may offer discounted or free services in certain situations, such as, working with vulnerable or very elderly people, but this will be dependant on the professional you're working with. Each company or expert will have different price ranges/different jobs included in the overall package/different ways of doing things. 

Wildlife rehabilitators, on the other hand, might just do the job for free. Once again, this is probably only going to be in certain circumstances. This might include when you have found a nest of baby opossums that appear to have been orphaned, when you find an animal that has become injured but could still potentially be rehabilitated, or for other weird and wonderful, obscure reasons. Rehabilitators are not removal experts - they rehabilitate sick or injured animals so that they can be released into the wild again. 

Local city or county animal services can sometimes ‘lend a hand', thus giving you a free opossum removal service, but the department is more than likely understaffed and overworked, and they might not even have the right tools for an opossum job. Sadly, dealing with a larger pest animal, like an opossum, is not going to be the same as removing a flea infestation or a rodent problem. Rat traps and poisons can sort the latter two issues, but you can't use either of those approaches for opossums. Nor can you use them for other wild animals. There is a very big different between pest problems and wildlife control problems, and they most definitely must be treated in different ways. That puts an actual pest control company out the window for you too; they probably won't help you with an opossum problem. 

Even if you attempt to do this job yourself, without hiring anyone else in, you'll find it isn't free. You will need to buy safety equipment if you don't have the items to hand already, and this might include eye protection, a breathing mask, gloves, a full body suit (for biological waste cleanup), and even cleaning implements/products or disposal tools. Repellents cost money. Deterrents cost money. Traps cost money. Everything surrounding the removal of a wild animal costs money, and that's why prevention is better than cure. You should aim to prevent opossums from ever getting in, and that's something that "free opossum removal" usually doesn't help with. 

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