Is There an Easy Way to Get Opossums Out of the Wall

If you'd like the easiest way to get an opossum out of a wall, your best chance will be with an expert, and not an expert in walls or even construction, but an expert in wildlife removal. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have of your walls and building you live or work in, unless you know a fair bit about the animal you're trying to get out of it, you're not going to get very far. Opossums, just like many other pest animals, are unpredictable, surprising, and absolutely not trainable. They're unforgiving and unreasonable, and no matter how smart you think you might be, with traps and repellents and bright lights, the damn animal will always seem to find a way to beat you. 

That's how it goes with wild animals invading your humble homes - it's a game of chase until you finally manage to seal up the holes. 

I don't want to pay for an expert, what other options do I have to get opossums out of the wall?

You could attempt to get the opossum out of the wall yourself, but depending on where the animal has managed to get itself lodged or nested-up, you may find that there is no easy access route for you. You're not as small as an opossum, nor can you fit in the same teeny-tiny spaces. If you are a lucky homeowner, you might just spot an opossum cowering down in the cavities in one of your walls, peeking down from the attic space above. Sadly, very few homeowners are *this* lucky, and the job requires much more work than that. 

If you can't see or reach the animal easily, you may find that the only option left is to physically cut a section out of the wall, remove the animal, and then repair/replace the section once again, hopefully to make it look as though nothing ever happened. This is based on the assumption that you'll find the critter first time, and that there aren't a small family of opossums in there. If there are, you'll probably find that the little cage or box you have to hand just won't do the job to contain them all. 

Even if you can see the animal, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to reach it, and that's where the expert comes in again. He/she will have a tool called a snare pole trap, and that's particular tool proves invaluable for tough-to-reach wild critters. It's the perfect trap-tool for reaching down into wall cavities, chimneys and chimney flues, and even under decking and in crawl spaces. Sadly, it's not a tool that many homeowners are likely to have just hanging around in the shed. 

When it comes to the easy answer, the expert will win every time, especially when your animal is stuck in a spot that you can't easily reach. If you would rather not cut out actual segments of the walls inside your home, it might just be worth leaving this job to the people who are trained to do it. 

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